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Signature Collection- Old Jars

Signature Collection- Old Jars


Introducing our 1 Scent, 1 Color  Candle from BJ's Candle Bar, where simplicity meets elegance. This candle is thoughtfully designed to bring a natural feel to any room, allowing you to personalize the experience with your favorite color and scent. Here's the essence of the 1 Scent, 1 Color Candle:

 Key Features:

  •  Versatile Appeal: With a extensive color palette, this candle seamlessly blends into any room's decor, enhancing the ambiance with a touch of nature.
  •  Customizable Fragrance: Add your favorite scent to create a personalized experience, making each burn a unique journey of aroma and visual delight.
  • Single Scent, Single Color: Embrace the beauty of simplicity with one signature scent and one elegant color, creating a cohesive and refined aesthetic.
  • Natural Feel: The candle's design invites the essence of nature into your home, providing a refreshing and organic atmosphere.

    Single Wick 
    Hand Poured- 100% Soy Wax Candle


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